My First E-Stim Orgasm

You may be interested in how it came about that I tried the E-Stim for the first time. You may have heard or seen a lot about it, but you have never experienced it yourself. In this post I would like to tell you briefly about my first experience with my first E-Stim experience, how I was impressed by it immediately and how I got an orgasm on my first try.

As you can see from my videos, you will have noticed that I have a special preference for E-Stim. Several years ago, I saw in BDSM videos on a regular basis how such electro boxes were used to torture the sub or to give forced orgasms. My first thought was “Oh God, electricity on my genitals? That must be dangerous!” But my curiosity became stronger and stronger. Again and again I saw the actors in front of the camera twitching with fear – but also with boundless lust – while administering electrical impulses.

About 10 years ago the curiosity became too great and I just had to try it out! I was extremely careful and insecure when I finally put electrodes on my penis for the first time and connected them to the Power Box with cables. The electrodes consisted of two rings. One of them I pushed completely over the shaft, all the way down to the base of the penis, the other one enclosed the glans.

Inside of me there was a struggle between curiosity and the fear that it could be incredibly painful. I was not sure what to expect. My heartbeat accelerated as I slowly turned up the intensity knob for the first time. Little by little, I felt my penis begin to tingle. It felt kind of good. I was relieved that the big moment of shock did not happen. I became more courageous and turned up the intensity further.

“OH MY GOD!”, it suddenly shot out of my lips. Every tiny muscle in my penis cramped up and I could watch it bounce to the beat of the current pulses.

The initial excitement gradually gave way to an ever-increasing horniness, which inexorably brought me closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. When I noticed that I was close to it, I turned the intensity up a bit more and shot out a huge load, while my whole body shook with ecstasy.

Totally exhausted, I lay there afterwards when I finally became aware: I will do this more often in the future…